Esta modelo es de Francia y es la prueba de que hay cosas más buenas que su pastelería

20 September 2018

Modelo alternativa, erótica o como ella quiera llamarse. Esta mujer es de origen francés y al ver sus fotos verás que la pastelería gala queda en segundo plano luego de apreciarla con detenimiento.

Tiene poco más de 130 mil seguidores, le gustan los tatuajes, el heavy metal, y por supuesto, quitarse la ropa.

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Videos como este se tienen que guardar para la eternidad.

[email protected] le comentan que tiene el mejor trasero del mundo. ¿Será? Al menos luce natural.


Por cierto, le encantan las selfies.

Ama el color negro.

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●•○ "Then she said Te amo, then she put her hand around my waist I told her no, she cried Te amo I told her I'm not gonna run away, but let me go My soul is awry and without asking why I said Te amo, wish somebody would tell me what she said Don't it mean I love you I think it means I love you Don't it mean I love you.." . . . . . . @suicidegirls @frenchsgs @killstarco @girls_n_tattoos . . . . . . #picoftheday #altnativegirl #altmodel #frenchie #frenchgirl #suicidegirls #batman #redhair #makeup #makeupaddict #pale #hairstyle #selfie #girlwithtattoo #lingery #love #womanstyle #greyeye #bigbooty ●•○●•○●○•●○•●•○●•○●•○●•○●•○

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Y además es culta. Ja.

Esta sesión de “diablita” le quedó muy bien. No te vayas con la finta de la ropa interior de abajo.

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We can't do sensual artistic poses even with a top and a bottom so we'll tell each other about my booty! It's funny instagram allows photos or we see breasts without nipples but pubic hair protruding from a cult are forbidden, as if having hair was something sexual. I wanted to make an artistic photo in connection with the "sin" but they apparently prefer the selfis without nipple lol . . . . . . . @suicidegirls @frenchsgs Harness @flashyouandme . . . . . . . #picoftheday #altnativegirl #altmodel #frenchie #frenchgirl #france #suicidegirls #harness #lingery #evil #makeupaddict #redhair #sexy #girlwithtattoo #booty #bigbooty 😈🔥😈🔥😈🔥😈🔥😈🔥😈🔥😈🔥😈

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Además de ser atractiva (en demasía), es adicta al rock y al maquillaje.

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Como una sirena.

“La desnudez no es lo mismo que la sexualidad”.

Su mirada es única… bueno, y también lo demás.

Oh mi dios.

No hay palabras para describir esto.

Colores vivos.


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×⏺ "You feel lonely and so weird. It's as if no one understands your life, which always seems to go everywhere, but never where you want to send it. You feel like you're aiming badly, constantly ending up throwing your arrow right in the middle of the damn big target of pain and disappointment. You don't understand your head, except when it yells at you in words that aren't very beautiful. They are easy to believe, all those sentences that denigrate you and make you guilty of existing. You think very strongly that you're not worth much. That all these people around you don't really love you. They probably just have to force themselves out of pity once in a while. You are convinced that you are a huge burden that pours into the daily life of the world. An emotional burden that we could do without. Your brain manages to convince you that you deserve these difficulties that are hitting you. That you're just the problem. That you're nothing but a fucked-up guy who bothers everyone with his complicated story. Sometimes you wonder why you're still here, when you feel so cowardly and inferior to others… Your feelings, your life, your experience and your identity are all valid. You are a beautiful and wonderful person, even if there are big fucking storms covering your eyes right now" . . . . . . @suicidegirls @frenchsgs . . . . . . #picoftheday #altnativegirl #altmodel #frenchie #frenchgirl #france #suicidegirls #redhair #hairstyle #pale #lingery #love #womanstyle #bigbooty #sexy #emotionnal #girlwithtattoo ⏺x⏺x⏺x⏺x⏺x⏺x⏺x⏺x⏺x⏺x⏺

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Tengo una adicción con ella.