Gracias a estas cuentas de Instagram es que vas a dejar de subir selfies

09 March 2018

¿Tienes Instagram y crees que existe para únicamente subir selfies o fotos de comida? Tal vez es momento de darle otro uso a esa cuenta tomando como inspiración las siguientes, que son increíbles.

photo by @salvarezphoto | words by @neilshea13 — By dusk the heat fades and the lemurs are leaping again through the upper stories of the stone forest. We watch, envious, as they go silent and careless over the blades of limestone, padded hands, padded feet, long white tails streaming behind. Mothers leading children, showing how it’s done, hurtling across chasms 30 meters deep and looking back as if to say, Your Turn. // In the Tsingy de Bemaraha, each tower of rock is a high rise. We begin in the cool wet basement, among tropical plants, frogs and leeches, then climb into the middle floors where the rock is hotter, where lizards and birds and bees thrive. Finally, with shredded hands, we emerge onto the uppermost floors, the penthouses, where all is barren and sun-baked. Here, the rock is too steep to hold water or soil, and residents must be rugged—spiny desert plants—or they must be mobile, like the lemurs. // Lemur, from the Latin “lemures,” meaning ghosts, spirits of the unburied dead. Whoever named them saw splendor and grace while also sensing, in some way, the rift separating humans from animals. We may measure, weigh, dissect, but mostly we have forgotten their languages. For days we hike into the pinnacles to watch them, and for days the lemurs ignore us. We try capturing their essence in images and sentences, but we know our efforts will fall in a way the lemurs never do. The real work is learning to see them on their own terms, for what is more beautiful than a creature unburdened by words or numbers? So we wait, we record, and sometimes we look up to find the spirits we cannot reach sitting still and staring right through us. — When the fieldwork is finished, one form of exploration ends and another begins. Join us over the next week as we share stories from our work in Madagascar’s Tsingy de Bemaraha, and consider how the landscapes, animals, and ideas drew us in and continue to inspire. To see more of our documentary work for @natgeo, check in @salvarezphoto and @neilshea13. — #2009 #madagascar #malagasy #tsingy #stoneforest #lemur #primate #language #eighthcontinent #landscapes #karst #documentary #rockclimbing #whyexplore #empathy

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Qué mejor manera de comenzar esta lista que con la cuenta oficial de National Geographic.

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Los trabajos de Joel Robison seguro te dejarán maravillado, cada ilustración parece sacada directamente de un sueño.

Forbidden Love ⚡ #harrypotter #wizards

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En la cuenta de Bobby Anwar podremos encontrar increíbles fotografías urbanas.

All roads leads to Manhattan //

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¿A quién no le gustan los bellos paisajes? La fotografías de Chris Burkard nos llevará a las más lejanas extensiones de la tierra. Lugares hermosos sin igual.


Christoffer Collin nos trae también hermosos paisajes, aunque un poco más fríos.


Si te gusta la fotografía en blanco y negro debes de seguir a Gonzalo Donoso.

▲ No line on the horizon.

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El fotógrafo mexicano y ganador de tres premios Óscar nos da un viaje por lo cotidiano para él con un toque fotográfico invaluable.

Light euphoria. (Instagramer frenzy). # 1

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